Iran’s Voice Against The Takfiris, The Muslim Brotherhood And Explains Morsi’s Fall

Iran’s Voice Against The Takfiris, The Muslim Brotherhood And Explains Morsi’s Fall

Tehran’s substitute Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Sayed Ahmad Khatami said the main reasons for Morsi’s failures were the support for the ousted president by the Takfiris and his endorsing of the Camp David treaty with Israel and fueling both Iran and Shia phobia.

Ayatollah Khatami the Tehran's Friday Prayer Leader.
Ayatollah Khatami the Tehran’s Friday Prayer Leader.

“Egypt is the origin of the Islamic Awakening and the people tried in the last year to support real Islamists but the ruling system was so bad that another coup happened,” Ayatollah Khatami said.

Blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for recent events in Egypt he said: “After 80 years of organizational and political activities they were not useful to the people.”

“We expected the Egyptian people who are supporters of an Islamic awakening to not let their country become the backyard of the Zionist regime again,” said Khatami who is also a senior member of the Assembly of Experts.

Khatami then distinguished Takfiris and Wahabis from Islamist groups.

“[Wahhabism] is created by Britain and they are doing crimes against humanity in Syria as they did in many other places. We expect all of the Muslim leaders to publicly denounce the Wahhabis and say that Wahhabism is not an Islamic branch.”

The Takfiri extremists according to an article by PressTV hate everyone who doesn’t share their primitive misinterpretation. Their attitude toward Sufis, Shias, traditional Muslims, and of course non-Muslims is simple and brutal: “Off with their heads!”

The world was recently shocked by a video of US-backed Takfiri militants beheading two Christians, including a priest, in Homs. The disgusting video – filmed and posted by the Takfiris themselves, who seem proud of their actions – was just the latest in a series of atrocities perpetrated and filmed by Takfiris in Syria.

Another such video shows a Takfiri eating the heart and lungs of a slain Syrian soldier. Russian President Vladimir Putin says he hopes the US-backed Takfiri delegation to future peace talks will not include any cannibals, since that would make it hard for Russia to provide security for its diplomats.


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