Foreseeing Iran’s Retaliation on Israel: A Simulation Video from 10 Years Ago

A 2013 Iranian documentary predicting conflict with Israel gains relevance after Iran launches missiles at Israeli military targets in self-defense, as per the UN Charter’s Article 51. The operation, strikingly similar to the documentary’s simulation, comes after Israeli provocations which included attacks on Iranian advisors in Syria and diplomatic facilities.

Iranian Military Sources Detail Defensive Strike on Israeli Bases

Recent disclosures from Iranian military sources offer fresh perspectives on a meticulously planned defensive operation undertaken by Iran’s armed forces. Triggered by repeated provocations from the Israeli regime and fueled by recent tragic events, including the loss of Iranian military advisors in Syria, this operation was executed with precision and strategic intent.
Clarifications on the operation’s scale dispel initial misconceptions, confirming the deployment of nearly 60 ballistic missiles. Notably, a significant number successfully bypassed Israeli defenses, signaling a strategic breakthrough.

Beyond Rockets and Remedies: Iran’s Journey to the Stars and Beyond

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