About Iran’sView

Iran’s View is a non-governmental and independent website, created in February 2013, aiming to give an analytical view of Iran’s domestic and foreign policy. The website also covers a wide range of topics related to Iran, including culture, society, and economy.

Iran’sView is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Iran. The website provides a balanced and informative view of Iran, and it is a great place to find news, analysis, and opinion on a variety of topics related to the country.

Here are some examples of the content that can be found on Iran’sView:

  • News: Iran’sView publishes news articles about Iran and its relations with the world. These articles provide up-to-date information on the latest developments in Iran.
  • Analysis: Iran’sView also publishes analysis of Iran’s domestic and foreign policy. This analysis provides insights into the thinking of Iranian leaders and the factors that shape Iran’s policies.
  • Features: Iran’sView also publishes features on Iranian culture, society, and economy. These features provide a deeper understanding of Iranian society and its people.
  • Opinion: Iran’sView also publishes opinion pieces on a variety of topics related to Iran. These opinion pieces offer different perspectives on the issues facing Iran.
  • Interviews: Iran’sView also publishes interviews with experts on Iran. These interviews provide insights into the latest developments in Iran from the people who know it best.

Iran’s View has been established with the help and support of Iranian media activists.

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