‘Iran will reject P5+1 offer if it is not credible’

‘Iran will reject P5+1 offer if it is not credible’

Jalili and AshtonA source close to the Iranian delegation told Iran’s view ahead of the talks Iran will certainly reject the p5+1 offer if it is not worthy and credible.

The source said that the West would better have “credible” proposals based on the NPT and the agreements made during the talks in Istanbul, Turkey, and also based on the step-by-step approach.

 “Things will not get worse for us; We are already subjected to the hardest sanctions but have been able to overcome these problems,” the source said.

The new round of nuclear talks between Iran and the 5+1 group is to take place in Almaty Kazakhstan, tomorrow 01:00 pm local time.

The Iranian delegation headed by chief negotiator Saeed Jalili arrived in Almaty yesterday.  Jalili has dismissed the possibility of Iran giving in to the pressures by the Western powers and forsaking its nuclear rights.

The Iranian chief negotiator emphasized that if Iran gave up its nuclear rights, the Western powers not only would not end the pressures but also would push for more.

The NPT gives its signatories the right to enrich uranium for producing fuel and other peaceful purposes. The Western powers, however, accuse Iran of being after nuclear weapons.  So far they have had no credible proof for this claim though.


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