Iranian Legislators Renew Support for Nuclear Rights

Iranian Legislators Renew Support for Nuclear Rights

Iran's Majlis

Iranian legislators have issued a statement in defense of the nation’s full nuclear rights ahead of the next round of talks between Iran and the IAEA.

In the statement issued on Sunday, 252 legislators urged the Iranian negotiators to defend the nuclear rights of the Iranian nation in entirety, making it clear that the country’s nuclear train would never stop.

The legislators demanded that any agreement should be based on the rights and interests of the nation. They also called on China and Russia as two of the permanent members of the Security Council to defend Iran’s position and not to follow irrational demands and ambitions of the US and its allies.

“We as the representatives of the Iranian nation suggest that the US and its Western allies accept today’s nuclear realities of Iran and change their confrontation policy to interaction policy and know that Iran’s nuclear train that is moving in a peaceful framework will never stop,” the statement said.

Negotiators from Iran and the West are going to start the new round of nuclear talks on February 26, in Almaty Kazakhstan. Iran has made it clear that it will not retreat from its previous position and expects form the other side to make rational decisions.

Despite the massive propaganda by the west against Iran’s nuclear program, the international support for Iran’s legitimate right is growing rapidly. Not only independent governments in the world, including the majority of NAM member states, have expressed their support for Iran’s nuclear rights, people and non-governmental groups also have shown solidarity with the Iranian nation regarding their defense of the nuclear right.

One example is the International Action Center (IAC) that is trying to inform its international audience about the West’s hostile policies towards Iran and wants them to take action and show support for the country. The IAC has recently put up a statement on its website in support of Iran’s nuclear rights. The statement is signed by people of different countries around the world.


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One thought on “Iranian Legislators Renew Support for Nuclear Rights

  1. When the riots were just starting, I potsed on my what my prediction was.In short, 3 options:1) Tiananmen square in Tehran – which would be a tragedy, but would at least be an in-your-face repudiation of Obummer’s appeasement strategy;2) Concessions and half-hearted reforms, maybe some kind of power sharing compromise. The wall starts to crack.3) Complete revolution, including overturning the regime of the mullahs. The best possible option.Right now, my predictions are still all sitting pretty. I think number 1 is getting less likely; if they were up to a slaughter they would have done it already. Option 2 is looking more likely than it was a week ago; there are signs that the regime is starting to crack a bit, and they may throw some kind of bone to the masses just to try and mollify them. But personally, I think whatever they offer now will be too little, too late. The Iranian people are MAD, and it seems to me that with popular sentiment the way it is, they will settle for nothing less than regime change. So my money is on option 3.Good news for us!

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