US Hypocrisy, Boston Highlights the Contradictory Policies: Iran’s Leader Explains


“The US and other so-called human rights advocates remain silent on the massacre of innocents in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, but they cause a ruckus after a few blasts in the United States,” Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday in a meeting with the country’s Army commanders and personnel.


“Based on Islamic teaching The Islamic Republic condemns and rejects any kind of attack on innocent human beings, whether they occur in Boston or Peshawar or Baghdad or Syria,” he said.


“Despite America’s claims of opposing the WMDs, the United States’ drones, massacre innocent people, children and women in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the terrorists who are overtly or covertly supported by the US are killing people in Iraq and Syria,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.


Iran's Supreme Leader Meeting with Army Commanders on April 18, 2013 (Photo Credit:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Meeting with Army Commanders on April 18, 2013 (Photo Credit:

Only in Pakistan, US’ Drone attacks have claimed the lives of more than 2500 people since 2004, a report by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimated on March 2013.

The report also shows that 314 out of the 366 drone strikes in Pakistan were under President Barack Obama’s administration.

The drones have been used by the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.


Iran’s Supreme leader criticized the “The US military’s spirit of dominance”, saying “When such military complexes are deployed somewhere, they will cause immorality, troubles and killing for the people.”


“The attitude of the US and other so-called supporters of human rights towards the killing of innocent people is contradictory. So we believe that the United States and the front standing against the Islamic Republic of Iran are irrational,” the Commander of the Iran’s armed forces said.

“Because of these paradoxical and illogical behaviors and the denying of human principals, the Western civilization is on the verge of decline and collapse.”



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  1. Jeremiah Wilkerson

    Apr 18. 2013

    I agree with this articles’ viewpoint. The US is killing people in other countries each day by the hundreds, thousands, etc. These deaths receive no press coverage in the liberal, government controlled media in the US. I always read alternative and out of the country news first, and then I see what pablum and kool-aid that the US is feeding the sheeple for that day.

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  2. musimann

    Apr 18. 2013

    Salaam. Well, he makes more sense than anything I’ve heard from our Zionist butt kissing hypocritical leaders in the US.

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