How Azebaijanis Are Being Sent from Russia To Syria to Fight Assad?


Azerbaijani citizens are sent to Syria by Wahhabis and the support of Turkey, The Azeri TV channel, Ince, reported a few days ago.

It said that in order to do terrorist actions against Syrian Government, Azeri citizen in Zakayata region, a territory in Russia, are manipulated, armed and sent to fight in Syria through Turkey by Wahhabis.

Ince TV aired several interviews with the parents of these deceived people, and the mothers expressed their objection.

“Wahhabis sent my son to Syria,” said one of the mothers. “If my son wants to fight, should go to Karabakh to fight against Armenia rather than Syrian Muslims,” she said.

This report shows the public opinion in Azerbaijan are against the intervention of Turkey and Wahhabis in Syria and due to this oppositions, the Wahhabis and Turks use the not informant people from Azeri speaking region in Russia like Zakayata to fight in Syria.



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