Iranian Military Sources Detail Defensive Strike on Israeli Bases

Iranian Military Sources Detail Defensive Strike on Israeli Bases

In a recent development, exclusive information sourced from Iranian military authorities provides detailed insight into a defensive military operation carried out by Iran’s armed forces. This operation, meticulously orchestrated per the right to self-defense enshrined in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, was prompted by a series of provocations from the Israeli regime, comprising over ten incidents within the past seven months. Furthermore, it was a direct response to the tragic loss of 19 Iranian military advisors in Syria and the egregious attack on Iran’s diplomatic facilities in Damascus on April 1, 2024.

Drawing upon intelligence from Iranian military sources, the operation was meticulously planned and executed, specifically targeting Israeli military installations and a Mossad facility. Characterized by strategic precision and tactical sophistication, this operation stands as a resolute rebuttal to recurrent Israeli hostilities.

Moments before launch, an Iranian missile bears a handwritten message: ‘We will make you rue the day!’ A stark reminder of unwavering resolve in the face of adversity.

Despite Iran’s appeals for action to the UN Security Council, the international body remained inert, hampered by obstructions from certain member states, notably the US, UK, and France. Subsequently, following ten days of inaction, Iran invoked its inherent right to self-defense.

Operational insights reveal a concerted employment of Iran’s intelligence, missile, and drone capabilities to neutralize critical Israeli military targets in occupied territories. This offensive, emblematic of a significant escalation, encountered formidable challenges posed by Israel’s extensive air and missile defense systems.

Clarification from Iranian military sources dispels initial misconceptions regarding the scale of the operation, confirming the deployment of nearly 60 ballistic missiles, contrary to earlier reports suggesting a higher number. Notably, at least 10 missiles successfully penetrated Israeli air defense systems, striking their intended objectives.

The defense network of the Israeli regime, reinforced by Western support, presented a complex obstacle spanning across Iraqi airspace and parts of occupied Syria and Palestine. A diverse array of advanced aircraft, including F-15s, F-16s, F-35s, Gulfstream planes, and refuelers, were integrated into a sophisticated air defense system, incorporating the Arrow system.

Overcoming this intricate defense architecture necessitated tactical ingenuity and resilience against combined electronic warfare capabilities wielded by Western powers and the Israeli regime.

While comprehensive details on the operation’s outcomes are pending, preliminary reports indicate that it surpassed expectations. Nevertheless, its scope was deliberately delimited to targeting assets directly implicated in the assault on Iran’s diplomatic premises and the loss of military advisors.

This revelation of the defensive operation underscores Iran’s unwavering commitment to defending its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national interests against external aggression. As further information emerges, Iran remains prepared to share additional insights regarding its defensive measures.


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