Foreseeing Iran’s Retaliation on Israel: A Simulation Video from 10 Years Ago

Foreseeing Iran’s Retaliation on Israel: A Simulation Video from 10 Years Ago

In a remarkable coincidence, a documentary aired on Iranian state TV back in 2013 appears to have foreshadowed recent events unfolding between Iran and Israel. The documentary, which delved into Iran’s missile capabilities and its readiness to defend against external threats, included a chilling simulation of Iran’s response to a potential airstrike by Israel on its nuclear facilities.

Fast forward to April 13, 2024, Iran exercised its inherent right of self-defense, as outlined in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, in response to repeated military aggressions by Israel. The operation saw the launch of dozens of missiles targeting military sites within Israel.

This recent defensive operation bears a striking resemblance to the simulation depicted in the Iranian documentary. In the simulation, Iran utilized its Sijjil long-range missile to strike critical targets in Tel Aviv, mirroring the actions taken in the real-world defensive operation.

The documentary’s release in 2013 came amidst escalating tensions between Iran and Israel, with the latter repeatedly issuing threats of military action against Iran’s nuclear program. Israeli military leaders even conducted war games simulating strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities in 2012.

The simulation depicted in the video from 10 years ago conveyed a clear message: Iran would only respond if Israel initiated an attack on Iranian soil. This stance was reiterated through the scenario presented, indicating that Iran would retaliate in the event of an Israeli strike on its territory. With the recent attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria by Israel, the prediction made in the simulation was fulfilled, aligning precisely with the conditions outlined in the video.

The operation, meticulously orchestrated in accordance with the right to self-defense enshrined in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, was prompted by a series of aggressive actions by Israel over the past seven months. These provocations included over ten incidents, culminating in the tragic loss of 19 Iranian military advisors in Syria and an egregious attack on Iran’s diplomatic facilities in Damascus on April 1, 2024.

Drawing upon intelligence from Iranian military sources, the operation was meticulously planned and executed, specifically targeting Israeli military installations and a Mossad facility. Characterized by strategic precision and tactical sophistication, this operation stands as a resolute rebuttal to recurrent Israeli hostilities.

Contrary to initial reports, clarification from Iranian military sources dispels misconceptions regarding the scale of the operation, confirming the deployment of nearly 60 ballistic missiles. Significantly, at least 10 missiles successfully penetrated Israeli air defense systems, striking their intended objectives.


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