Iran Offers Help To Egypt in Handling The Country’s Crisis

Iran Offers Help To Egypt in Handling The Country’s Crisis

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Regarding the Egyptian troubles Iran’s View contacted Dr. Reza Sadr-al-Hosseini political analyst and Iranian university professor.

“Tehran has offered its help to Egypt in handling the crisis and restoring peace in the country,” Hosseini said

“It was expected that Egyptian government will include every political group and party involved in the revolution against Hosni Mubarak and they have a share in the government. But this never happened,” 

“While Egyptian revolution was in its middle stages, Morsi couldn’t have a uniting approach toward political groups and meeting people’s demands, “he said.

“Muslim Brotherhood was iconic for its stance against the Zionist regime and world powers in decades. But Morsi didn’t act accordingly. In fact, the president was ignorant of to the country’s independence, domestic capabilities and skilled Egyptians and did not use revolutionaries in his administration,” he said

But Hosseini thinks Morsi still has a chance to return and make reforms “only if he pays attention to what people want and learn some lessons from the revolutions in the region.”

“Morsi should sit at the negotiation table with the representative of the opposition and form people groups involving every opposition. Intellectuals in the opposition should be made sure that their say will be used by the government.”

“Iran respects the Egyptian revolution though the recent developments are domestic issues and Iranian officials hope that negotiations between the Egyptian government and the oppositions will provide stability for the country,” he said.


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