Aboutorabi-Fard Was Chosen as Candidate of the Coalition of Five

Aboutorabi-Fard Was Chosen as Candidate of the Coalition of Five

The Coalition of Five, one of the main Principalits’ coalitions for the upcoming Iran’s presidential election said was picked up “Mohammad Hassan Bautorabi-Fard” as the final candidate of the coalition.

“With consensus of the Coalition of Five, Aboutorabi-Fard will register for the election on Friday morning,” he said in an interview with Iranian Nasim News Agency.

In a speech at a university in the city of Karaj on Tuesday, Aboutorabi-Fard said his years-long political experience shows that “Iran’s executive branch as an exceptional capacity to develop the country.”

The Iranian deputy Majlis (parliament) speaker went on to say that Iran has to try to reach the highest levels of political and economic powers in a world where bullying and the use of force has an upper hand in the global politics.

Yahya Al-e Eshaq, the chairman of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, former Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, General Inspection Office of Iran Director Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, and MP Mohammad Reza Bahonar are the other members of the Coalition of Five.


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  1. So, Canadian politics…First off, the Liberals didn’t have a coiitlaon partner. 🙂 It’s definitely not like New Zealand with formal agreements. Agreements are very much on a confidence vote by confidence vote basis, with a lot of horse trading.It’s a first past the post system.There is a senate, but it is appointed, not elected, so they aren’t part of the election. :)Currently parliament is very much divided on regional, instead of political boundaries. The parties are all pretty much of a muchness (slightly left or right of center). However, the NDP is more left than the others.Instead we’ve got the Conservatives which are centred around western Canada and the Bloc Quebecois in Quebec.The Bloc is very much about separatism, with the formation of an independent state as their primary goal.The Conservatives feed on anti-Quebec feeling in the west, since Alberta, and British Columbia feel (probably rightly so) that they aren’t getting a fair piece of the pie. Especially since a lot of it _appears_ to go to Quebec to keep them happy. It’s all fun when you’ve got a country spanning 6 time zones.Oh, and they’re probably going to be in the same situation after the election, only poorer. 🙂

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