Jalili: ‘P5+1 Proposals More Realistic This Time’

Jalili: ‘P5+1 Proposals More Realistic This Time’

The last round of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 in Alamty ended today with both sides sending positive signals.

 Iranian top negotiator, Saeed Jalili told the reporters after the talks that the P5+1 finally addressed some of the demands Iran had made during Moscow talks 6 months ago.

Jalili noted that the P5+1 were more realistic during Almaty talks and retreated from some of their previous positions. “Some of the points raised in their response were more realistic compared to what they said in the past, and they tried to get closer to Iran’s viewpoints of Iran which we believe is a positive move.” He however emphasized that they were yet far from reaching “the optimum point”.

Concerning Fordo facilities, Jalili said it was completely legal and demanding for its closure would have been illogical. He added, though, that the P5+1 did not demand  the closure of Fordo in this round of talks.

EU Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, also attended a short press conference at the end of the talks, answering few questions. “Iran’s proposals have been included in the revised plan,” she told reporters, refusing to get into details of P5+1 new package.

As the P5+1 retreated from its former points, Iran can be considered the winner of Almaty talks. “Either a 1-0 win, or a 7-0 win, it makes no difference. The Important thing is that we won,” said an Iranian diplomat who attended the talks.

At the end of the talks, it was announced that an expert-level technical meeting would be held in Turkey in March and a political plenary meeting would be held in Kazakhstan in April.


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