Israeli forces abduct 8 Hamas activists

Israeli forces abduct 8 Hamas activists

A Palestinian protester is detained during a demonstration against Israel.

The Israeli soldiers detained the Hamas activists, including a former Hamas spokesman, Rafat Nassif, in the city of Nablus and the town of Tulkarem, according to Palestinian security sources. 

The Israeli military, however, said it “arrested” only five activists in Tulkarem, without giving further details. 

Earlier last week, Israeli troops abducted over 25 Palestinians, including several senior Hamas legislators, in the occupied West Bank. 

Palestinian lawmaker Hatim Qafisha from al-Khalil and another legislator Ahmad Attoun from al-Quds (Jerusalem) were among the abductees. 

Palestinian human rights groups have condemned the abductions, saying the move is aimed at destabilizing the ongoing reconciliation efforts among Palestinian factions.

Many of the inmates are under so-called administrative detention. 

The administrative detention, often implemented by the Israeli regime against the Palestinian population, is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge, allowing regime forces to make arrests without formal charges for up to six months. However, the detention order can be renewed for indefinite periods of time. 

Palestinian prisoners have been subject to human rights violations such as the use of torture during interrogations by Israeli prison authorities.


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