Iran’s Leader Explains his Strategy Over Nuclear Issue, Direct Talk With U.S.

Iran’s Leader Explains his Strategy Over Nuclear Issue, Direct Talk With U.S.

Ayatollah KhameneiThe Leader of the Islamic Revolution has called American officials irrational, emphasizing that their words contradict their actions.

In a speech to the people of the northwestern city of Tabriz, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei addressed the sanctions, the nuclear issue, the US offer for direct talk with Iran and how the few previous direct talks with U.S. failed.

U.S. words contradict its actions

“The words and actions of American officials are irrational and unreasonable. They expect others to surrender to their irrational actions and coercion… but the Iranian nation, the Islamic Republic will not surrender.”

The Leader criticized “the sanctions and American officials’ anti-Iran speeches” and insisted it contradicts their claim of being ready for direct talks with Iran.

Nuclear weapons are not the main issue in the nuclear dispute

Ayatollah Khamenei made it clear that if Iran wanted to make nuclear weapon, America could not prevent it. “[The US President] talks about Iran’s nuclear issue as if the dispute between Iran and the US is that Iran wants to make nuclear weapons. He says the US would do whatever they could to prevent Iran form making nuclear weapons. Well, if Iran, wanted to make nuclear weapon how could you prevent us? If Iran intended to have nuclear weapons, America could not prevent it, ever.” He pointed out that countries such as Pakistan and India have already made nuclear weapons despite America’s objection.

The Leader then emphasized that nuclear weapons must be obliterated. “We don’t want to make nuclear weapons but not because America would be disturbed; this is our own belief. We believe nuclear weapons are crimes against humanity and [thus] mustn’t be made. Those that already exist in the world must be eliminated.”

Iran’s leader argued that nuclear weapons are not the main issue in the nuclear dispute. “The dispute is over the fact that (the US) wants to deprive the Iranian nation of its certain right –which is the right to do nuclear enrichment and peaceful use of the capabilities of the Iranian nation itself. Of course you can’t do it either. The Iranian nation will do whatever is within its rights”

Iran has unpleasant experiences of past closed-door talks with the U.S.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized that by offering direct talks, America seeks to make Iran give up its rights and accept the words of Western powers. “To America and other dominant powers, dialogue means we talk together so that we accept their words… right now even in their propaganda over direct talks, they say outright that they want to convince Iran to give up uranium enrichment and nuclear rights. They don’t say ‘let’s talk so that Iran has the opportunity to bring its own reasons and we stop the pressures over nuclear issue, the sanctions, and our political interference [in the country]’.” He also pointed to previous talks between the two countries, saying that the Americans unilaterally ended the talks. “It is evident that Iran will not give up its rights. [The US] chooses to end talks whenever it sees that Iran is using a rational argument and they will shift the blame onto Iran, saying that Iran is not yet ready to talk. Since the media is controlled by them, this is the propaganda that gets spread. This is what Iran has experienced in past talks with the US.

During the last 10 to 15 years, it has happened 2 or 3 times over a specific issue. An American official sends a message to his or her Iranian counterpart, saying that is it is very crucial that our two parties meet to talk. When the two groups meet however, when Iran pursues its line of rational insisting upon maintaining its sovereign rights, the Americans have no answer to such a logical perspective and the Americans unilaterally end the talks.

U.S. evaluation of Iran’s internal affairs is wrong

Ayatollah Khamenei reflected on the mainstream media’s censoring of the truth and the message from Iran. “The global media network, controlled by Zionists and Americans, does not accurately present the Iranian perspective. The Iranian position is most often misrepresented, either by telling half of the issue, by misinformation or outright lies or sometimes simply by suppressing the story completely.”

The leader noted that America’s evaluation of Iran’s internal affairs is wrong. “When Americans say let’s talk, they don’t want a rational and fair talk. But they say Iran should give up in order to get the sanctions removed. If the Iranian nation wanted to give up, why did they make a revolution? They made the revolution to be free from America’s rule and control.”

“The enemies of Iran have got it right that the Islamic republic relies on the people … but they got it wrong that they can bring the Iranian nation to its knees through the pressure of sanctions, unreasonable orders in international and economical issues, etc.”

The only way to interact with Iran

The Supreme Leader closed by saying that there is only one way for America to interact with Iran. “Unlike the Americans, we are rational. [If] they prove they are not after coercion or mischief, that they respect the rights of Iranian nation and stop warmongering in the region, that they will not interfere in Iran’s internal affair as they did in the 2009 presidential election, and stop supporting rioters and plotters, they will see that the Islamic Republic is    system. Interacting with the Islamic Republic is only possible with a show of mutual respect. Americans must prove their good will  -like what they did in 2009 presidential election- and stop supporting the rioters and plotters, they will see that the Islamic Republic is a well-wishing system. Interacting with the Islamic Republic is only possible this way. Americans must prove their goodwill and show they are not unreasonable.


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