In Praise Of Hugo Chavez

In Praise Of Hugo Chavez

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By Morris Herman*
Hugo Chavez has passed away. He was a great friend to Iran and all anti imperialist nations. And not only the nations but the people too, people all over the world. Even in the United States when the poor could not afford heating he donated free and subsidized fuel to poor Americans. Chavez was an Icon and a Beacon, a little larger than life. The antithesis of Mubarak and all Imperialists. The imperialist leaders are all puppets who can be replaced easily. Chavez commanded tremendous charisma.
He stood up for the poor and downtrodden in the United Nations, in fact everywhere he could. There is a great deal of suspicion regarding his sickness and death. Many leaders in South America, he pointed out, had fallen with cancer.
In our modern age it may well be easy enough to create a cancer in a targeted individual. In this way Iran may be more resilient because it has a history and the solidarity of religion, culture and indeed the great war it had to fight. So the chances of infiltration in high places are less likely.
But the games of the imperialists know no end. And it is necessary for all independent anti imperialist states and groups to have a dedicated team for security around all important individuals.
While one team makes advancements in technological and economic achievements  it is equally important another team is considering what underhanded devious games are at play? Whether it is weather wars, sabotaging water supplies, radiation targeting or theft of resources vigilance is required.
The depth of sorrow for Chavez’ death must give every lover of life strength and awareness.
Venezuela will need comradeship, the military has already pledged allegiance to Chavez’s preferred successor VP Nicolas Maduro. The Vice President is a former Bus driver and union leader, he is a champion of the people and like Chavez is dedicated to eradicating poverty. According to the constitution until the elections the head of the Venezuelan Parliament Diosdado Cabello assumes the interim presidency.
Iran has a growing influence in South America. And Chavez saw all of South America as having a common heritage, he instigated a Continental news service TeleSur for all of South America so they would not be dependent on the imperialist’s news. He also concentrated on integrating Venezuela economically and socially into Latin America.  And showed support for Argentina in its conflict with Britain on the  Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas in Spanish).
Only today Venezuela expelled two US diplomats for espionage, clearly it was a message to the very same enemies that Iran has incurred. There will be great efforts to now destabilize Venezuela probably in the guise of a colour revolution. Which means massive corruption.
Chavez made Venezuela a good friend of Iran and with the Iranian President Ahmedinejad they declared they were an axis of unity against US imperialism. Chavez also supported Iran in its nuclear endevours.
*Morris lives in London and is best known for making videos on youtube channels and


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