Al-Monitor discloses details from P5+1 proposal

Al-Monitor discloses details from P5+1 proposal

Delegations from Iran and P5+1 meet in Almaty, Kazakhstan

As the new round of nuclear negotiations started in Almaty, a source close to talks told Al Monitor that P5+1 new proposal includes only a slight relief of the sanctions on gold trade, petrochemical industry, and to a lesser extent on banking.

According to Al Monitor, the source who spoke on condition of anonymity got information about the package through a permanent member of the UN Security Council late Monday, but refused to say which one.

Similar to Baghdad proposal, the new package reportedly demands Iran to close Fordo enrichment facilities, suspend 20-percent enrichment of uranium, and transfer all it 20-percent enriched uranium to another country.

“What we will try to do here is put a modified proposal on the table, that both takes into account changes in Iran’s [nuclear] program, and is responsive to Iran’s desire for the P5+1 to recognize Iran’s needs,” Al Monitor quoted a senior American official.

The new package however does not seem to be addressing Iran’s demands and thus would not be very appealing to the country.


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