Iranian Diplomat: ‘Iran has a changeable proposal’

Iranian Diplomat: ‘Iran has a changeable proposal’

plenaryIran has come to Almaty with a comprehensive proposal that is changeable, an Iranian diplomat told the reporters as the nuclear talks continue.

Despite some speculations, sources close to the Iranian side stated that the country has a significant proposal, none of the details of which have been disclosed so far. Previously there were speculations that only the P5+1 group had a new offer in Almaty.

“Our proposal includes  a wide range of options. Depending on what we hear from the other side, we will present a suitable version of our proposal. But anyways, Iran is presenting a new proposal,” the iranian diplomat said.

“We want to know if the West is really concerned over Iran’s nuclear program or they use this issue only as blackmail,” the diplomat added.He said that Almaty talks would shed light on the west’s intentions. In Moscow too, Iran presented a comprehensive proposal to the p5+1 but has not received any response to it yet.


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