Iran MP Urged The President Elect To Positively Interact With The Parliament


Talking live on TV, MP Mohammad Reza Bahonar called on the president-elect to help form a positive interaction between parliament and the new government.
Acknowledging Dr. Hassan Rowhani’s legal right to keep the list of his ministers secret until the official introduction day, Bahonar stated that for all the introduced ministers to get the vote of confidence from the parliament, a series of consultations and interactions is needed.
Tehran’s representative in the parliament said no official session has been held so far between the parliament and the president elect or his representatives. “Whenever they officially request it, we are ready to hold a session with them.”
He pointed to the 8-day consultations between parliament and Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in his second term of presidency which led to votes of confidence for all of his suggested ministers. “In Hashemi’s second term our consultations lasted 8 days and we reached an agreement over all of the [introduced] ministers.”



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