Jalili: Defending Iran’s Right to Develop Nuclear Energy is the Frontline of Defending the Iranian Nations’ Rights


Jalili Iranian Atomic Energy Agency unveiled two new achievements of the Iranian Nuclear Energy technology with Dr. Saeed Jalili, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council attending the event, ahead of Almaty Talks.

Iranian Atomic Energy Agency declared 16 new power plants are designated be constructed in sites along the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea after careful studies of population, topography, seismology, meteorology, hydrology, access roads, transmission lines, land use, ecology and passive defense issues. The new power plants are intended to generate electricity in accordance with the international standards and criterion. The organization also said that Iran has discovered more uranium deposits which further improves the country’s position among those of the world possessing nuclear technology.

Jalili remarked that defending Iran’s right to develop nuclear power is to defend the Iranian nation’s all rights and privileges. He added Iran will not commit to fewer rights and more obligations.  

Iran’s top nuclear negotiator urged the western team of negotiators to abandon their previous mistakes and to enter talks with a “rightful offer” in order to secure the Iranian nation’s trust.  He said “Defending our right to develop nuclear energy is to defend our right for development, having our own choice, livelihood and an outstanding society.”

He further added: “Today, defending Iran’s right to develop nuclear energy is the frontline of defending the Iranian nations’ rights.”

Jalili will meet P5+1 in Almaty, Kazakhstan on February 26, 27 to defend Iran’s Right to develop nuclear power.



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