Iran’s Reformist Presidential Candidate Urged Depoliticization of the Society


Mohammad Reza Aref, the reformist presidential candidate who withdrew from the race in favor of the now president-elect Hassan Rowhani talked to reporters today, urging that the problems should be solved in a friendly atmosphere.
Aref stated that although suggesting capable figure to the president-elect is good, the suggestions should not be imposed on him as it might create the feeling of wanting a share.
He insisted that the society should be led towards depoliticization and desecuritization. “We should increase our tolerance and accept different tastes,” Aref added.
The member of the Expediency Discernment Council said he intended to establish a pervasive party, emphasizing that parties should not be dependent on individuals.
Aref once again pointed to the high turnout in the election and urged that the new opportunity should be used in the best way to solve the people’s problems
Although it has not been officially stated, speculations give Aref a high chance of being appointed as Rowhani’s Vice President.



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