Excerpts From The New President’s First Live Speech: Iranians Chose a New Path

Excerpts From The New President’s First Live Speech: Iranians Chose a New Path

On the Presidential Election:

– This election was a response to all the accusations against the Islamic Republic and its purity.

 – Islamic Republic’s founder taught us that the country should be ruled by people according to Islamic laws.

 – Iranians chose a new path. The future administration should act according to the will majority of voters. Iranians voted for moderation and logic.

– I’ve heard many people who didn’t vote that they are sorry that they didn’t participate in the glorious election. They usually say they didn’t know it was going to turn out like this.

On the next administration’s approach:

– The future administration should avoid extremism. Iranians demanded national unity.  People demanded implementing the law. The government is obliged to treat people equally according to law.

 – Moderation should be present in every aspect of the country.

– I have discussed with the President Ahmadinejad to facilitate the transition process.

-The future administration is faithful to its promises. This administration is not from one political faction and is not committed to one party. I welcome every politician from any political faction, only if they are moderate.

On the Foreign Policy:

 -We are facing a unique situation in our foreign policy. Our foreign policy is neither a contentiousness nor animosity.

– We have to cooperate with other countries according to our mutual interests. We have to take confidence building steps.

Excerpts collected from our partner NasimOnline.


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