“The Unassuming Servant of the Nation” Held in Honor of the Iran’s Ahmadinejad


Iran’s president was honored in a conference held by a group of his supporters on the anniversary of his victory in the presidential election.
In the conference, “The Unassuming Servant of the Nation” held on Monday, Ahmadinejad claimed his government was the purest government in the history of Iran.

I have prepared my chest for every spear and I am not afraid of anything in the way of justice,” he said, adding that he would continue his way despite some putting obstacles in his way.
One of the key speakers in the conference was Gholam Hossein Elham, the government’s spokesman, who praised the president for his services. He officially inaugurated the “No Cut Press” website that has been newly launched by a group of Ahmadinejad supporters.
A number of Ahmadinezjad’s top officials including Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, the controversial advisor to the president, were present at the conference. The participants shouted slogans in support of Ahmadinejad and Mashaei.



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