Book Review: Arabia’s Rising – A Fresh Optic on the Islam & the Middle East

Book Review: Arabia’s Rising – A Fresh Optic on the Islam & the Middle East

Insightful and bold, Arabia’s Rising is not only anchored in history, it is built on a critical analysis of those crises which have ailed the Middle East: sectarianism and radicalism.

Looking well beyond the accepted “Western” narrative Arabia’s Rising proposes a fresh optic on the war-torn region, lifting the lid on its complicated past and let’s admit redacted religious identity.

A political analyst and commentator for the Middle East with a special focus on radical movements, Catherine Shakdam’s connection to the Middle East is one of profound love and respect: for its people, its history and the future its nations want to build for their sons and daughters.

Most importantly Arabia’s Rising offers context: religious context, historical context, political context …

An eye-opener and somewhat of a revelation, Arabia’s Rising opens a conversation on the future of the Middle East by looking back, linking history and old fractures to today’s hopes and aspirations.

Weaved around Islam’s history, Arabia’s Rising is one of those read which will echo long after all pages are read. And maybe, just maybe somewhere along the way, readers will learn that the Islam they were sold and the history they were do not exactly reflect reality.

Arabia’s Rising can be bought on Amazon – here (Kindle Edition) and here.

“A superb synthesis that distills the essence of Islam in theory and practice. Arabia’s Rising by Catherine Shakdam provides a concise yet comprehensive understanding of the Islamic worldview. Written in small segmented truth-bytes, which can be assimilated by lay and academic audiences, the author weaves past, present, and future seamlessly in a captivating narrative of cosmic consequence,” writes Dr. John Andrew Morrow, Senior scholar of Islam.

“Just as the world has learned to hate and fear Islam, blaming its people and its faith for the evil of radicalism, Arabia’s Rising came to shatter the web of lies, shining some truth on the people of Islam, on Islam’s history and a people’s aspirations. A brilliant analysis, Catherine Shakdam dares go where many analysts have not – exposing what real powers and real dynamics are at play in the Mid-East,” writes Marwa Osman a PhD candidate, lecturer and political analyst.

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