Ayatollah Khatami the Tehran's Friday Prayer Leader.

Iran’s Voice Against The Takfiris, The Muslim Brotherhood And Explains Morsi’s Fall

Tehran’s substitute Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Sayed Ahmad Khatami said the main reasons for Morsi’s failures were the support for the ousted president by the Takfiris ... Continue Reading →

Morsi’s Overthrow The Result Of Depending On The USA

Following the removal of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi from power, an Iranian senior lawmaker reiterated that the ‘improper behavior of the Muslims Brotherhood’ ... Continue Reading →

Egypt’s PM And 12 Cabinet Members Resigned Amid Unrests

Egypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Qandil and 12 Egyptian ministers have tendered their resignations from Mohammad Morsi’s cabinet amid unrest. Arabic service of Russia Today ... Continue Reading →

Iran Offers Help To Egypt in Handling The Country’s Crisis

Regarding the Egyptian troubles Iran’s View contacted Dr. Reza Sadr-al-Hosseini political analyst and Iranian university professor. “Tehran has offered ... Continue Reading →