Iran’s Leader Says The Country’s Nuclear Issue Can be Solved Easily


In a meeting with officials from the judiciary system, Iran’s leader once again praised the nation for their high turnout in the election, emphasizing that it foiled the enemy’s plots.
Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei said the people’s trust and interest in the system brought them to the polls and disappointed the enemies who tried very hard to prevent them from voting.
The leader also pointed to pre-election debates and said it was better if they had talked objectively about the services and works done by the current government instead of only criticizing.”Beside its weak points, the current government has many strong points too. And how good it was if the respectful candidates, besides talking about the government’s weak points, pointed to its significant services, infrastructure works, and constructions too.” He also demanded everyone to help the president-elect in his important responsibility.
The nuclear issue was another point the leader referred to. “Several countries make the opposition front against Iran and they call themselves the global community. Their pertinacity has prevented the problem from being solved. If they stop their pertinacity Iran’s nuclear issue can be solved easily and simply.”
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that whenever the nuclear issue was reaching a solution the Americans set forth new allegations and used the issue to add to their pressure against the country. “In the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic has acted legally and clearly and has a strong logic. But the enemies aim to continue their pressure and make the people fed up and change the regime. So they don’t let the solution be solved,” he said, adding, “Of course in their private talks and letters they say we don’t want to change the system but their actions show otherwise.” He further insisted that whoever resists in the right path is victorious.



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