About Us

Iran’s View is a non-governmental and independent website, created in February 2013, aiming to give an analytical view of Iran’s internal and international decisions and positions.

Due to the insufficiency of Iran’s English websites, there has never been a credible and reliable source where the country’s internal events and the viewpoints of the nation on global issues could be reflected.

Iran’s View tries to make up for this shortage and become a source of understanding for the developments in Iran and the positions taken by the country.

The website is seriously focused on explaining Iran’s political and economic processes and developments, especially the Leader’s decisions and positions.

There is also a special section dedicated to social, cultural, and scientific issues in Iran.

Using experts and analysts with different viewpoints, Iran’s View attempts to give the fairest analyses about Iran’s internal events and views about global issues.

A group of Iranian correspondents cooperate with the website, giving the latest news.

Iran’s View has been established with the help and support of Iranian media activists and its development and growth also depends on such supports.

Who are We?